Discounts explained
  • Discount codes are redeemed at the checkout page, not the basket.
  • Only one discount code can be used at any one time per order.
  • Discount codes will always have an expiry, unless otherwise stated.
  • Offers, such as buy X get Y, bundles, free gift or other similar offers all use a unique discount code automatically generated, therefore you cannot add a second discount code to 'on offer' products at checkout.
  • Discounts codes sometimes require a minimum purchase. The total amount required is always before any shipping costs.
  • Some discounts will only be available to certain products or categories of products (collections). You will see a similar message to this: "Your cart does not meet the requirements for the _DISCOUNT NAME_ discount code".
  • If your discount code is not valid, or expired, you will be presented with a message similar to this: "Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered".

Where do I enter discount codes?

Desktop: (On the right hand side, beneath order summary)


Mobile: (drop down the order summary arrow to reveal the discount entry box)